With the goal of taking the Nissan consumer on a transformational journey through an immersive multi-layered digital experience that could clearly differentiate the 2022 Frontier, our teams looked to utilize a variety of content types and media platforms to place consumers “in the moment”. Through both technically innovative and human-centered content, the objective was to ultimately take them on a vicarious adventure and inspire them to find their Frontier.

By always positioning the Frontier as our primary character and the catalyst for enabling the amazing adventures that take you to where you want to be, we created ownable stories that simultaneously provide information and inspiration to achieve as emotional a connection as possible.

We developed a clear content capture formula to standardize the digital ecosystem of content for the dirt, river and beach experiences to ensure users have a 1:1 experience through equally rich and inspiring content. The technical expressions of the experiences brought to life in Live-Action, CG, AR or a blend of CG and 360 HDRI captures required connectivity, unique location-specific content teams, and precise technical direction that could bring a unified experience to the consumer as they navigated online, social or AR expressions.

In order to continually validate the Frontier story and build trust in the Nissan brand, we looked to deliver authenticity through real sport moments by using talent and athletes who live within each adventure community and putting them in their “in-the-know” locations. This naturally provided an ease of experience that created an opportunity to document more, and direct less.

Frontiers call to action of Find Your Frontier guided a diverse team of creators to collectively deliver a wide range of content to provided consumers with chill-based escape moments and sensory engagement as well as thrill-based epic cinematic moments allowing the brand to continue building on it’s vision for exciting consumers.



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