Supporting the launch of a new cash back app, we helped develop a highly memorable character in Gail the Golden Goose whose objective is to bring the Ampli app to life by letting her easy enthusiasm and energy embody the brand experience. As the embodiment of Ampli’s features and benefits, Gail bridged the gap between the real world and the aspiration of the product experience.

The team crafted a character backstory that positioned her personality as charming, quirky and completely aligned with Ampli—the ultimate user of the app. That loyal, generous, easy personality, just like Ampli, makes it clear that there’s nothing artificial about her brand enthusiasm or the brand itself.

Gail’s charming and highly tactile visual style, conjuring images of classic storybook worlds, offset the technical aspects of the product that can be off-putting and disarms the campaign.

Leveraging a live actor to play the part of Gail in the live action captures created an opportunity for the stand-in to inform the CG and animation team’s approach. The on set direction then aligned with the overall intent allowing all elements to come together with an elevated connectivity between all of the players. That sense of believability allowed viewers to connect with Gail at a deeper level and contributed to an underlying implied sense of trust or belief in the brand’s message.



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