In order to capture the spirit of a brand that’s been delivering joy through the perfect mix of three simple ingredients for over 100 years, we helped develop a modern character and an absurd world with our partners at Anomaly where OhHenry! is the only answer to the most challenging situations.

The simplicity of a graphically driven character that embodies the brand’s visual simplicity with a complex personality, Hank was developed as an intentionally single-minded ambassador to embody the Oh Henry! brand. Through his visual and performance filter, he exists in the world with one objective: amplify the campaign concept—Oh Henry! is the solution to any and all needs.

By developing Hank’s deep backstory and crafting a detailed personality profile, an increased level of believability could be brought to his performance, guide the team’s ecosystem of creative choices and holistically support a consistent long-term campaign narrative.

Hank’s laser focus and minimalist approach gives him an ownable modern aesthetic offset by his ability to simultaneously be a self-centered influencer with oblivious confidence and selective generosity, while fully expressing his gregarious helper side. The combination of these conflicting perspectives provides endless opportunities for ongoing storylines and gags that always put the exaggerated focus on how OhHenry! Solves hunger. Or from Hank’s perspective, any other problem the world can throw at you.

With sets overtly intended to look like they are lifted right out of an SNL skit and live action performances that elevate the ridiculousness of a puppet coming to the rescue, Hank’s moments of heroism are contextualized through a comedic lens that allows the product to not take itself too seriously and invite viewers to join OhHenry! in seeing the world as a place for simple fun.