With a visual juxtaposition between the ultra-realistic with the surreal, we took on the task of bringing Truly hard seltzers to life as the fresh beverage that delivers a hyper-real experience.

The objective was to create a heightened, colorful, gravity defying, time-bending, single camera move to highlight the fun and fresh moments that we might otherwise miss as a metaphor for the flavor-intense Truly product experience. In one long move, the camera dances with the neon tube, the dancer, and the floating fruit pieces on a journey to connect each element and bring them along to the party super and pack shot at the end.

The photo realistic crisp fresh fruit texturally detailed for maximum realism and taste appeal provides a clear flavor profile. Romanced hidden details from unique camera angles to ultra-slow motion movements, reveal the satisfying moments that elevate us from our normal, everyday perspective and amplify a vibrant reality. With curated color palettes pushed brighter and more saturated for a heightened vibe, all elements serve to deliver a hyper-reality that positions Truly as an intensifier of your experiences.

Casting dancers with an expressiveness that aligned with the vibe of the brand was a key component to both creating the right story, but also driving the technical team as virtual camera tracks and movements were developed. Looking to achieve complete integration, the live and virtual tech teams choreographed their effort to provide viewers with the almost frozen moments that reveal the impossible and deliver us to the party that is brought to you by Truly.