To create a series of dramatic movie promos for a fictitious feature film about Jolly Rancher Misfits that would let consumers know that the classic hard candy now comes in “soft” gummy form, we played with a mix of instantly recognizable documentary tropes. The familiar comedic formats helped us tell the story of a group of up-and-comer gummy candy underdogs making their own way in a hard candy world as they fight against the assumptions of their namesake.

In support of psychologically insightful stories of how a gummy, made up of two crazy flavors, could possibly be a “Jolly Rancher”, we developed deep character backstories and profiles of each individual Misfit to inform their performance and bring comedic nuances to the primary and secondary moments. The depth of thinking not only helps guide the performances of the current pieces, but also ensures a foundational point of departure for any future development of the concept to maintain continuity.

Within the purely visual storytelling, we juxtaposed a softer character animation style with a candid “real media” based visual aesthetic to amplify the authenticity and clarity of the campaign message. By leaning into a variety of known media platforms, the campaign’s comedic moments could be continually delivered in surprising ways and help Misfits product leverage the equity of Jolly Rancher, but clearly mark them as flexible, fun, and lovable gummies with big flavors in exciting combinations to capture a new consumer.