When we were tasked with bringing Kabrita’s new goat milk-based baby formula to life, we partnered with Toronto based agency Mackie Biernacki to help bring highly memorable characters to life in a series of comedic moments that highlight the product’s smarter advantage over traditional cow-based formulas. The anthropomorphic characters take on each product’s features as well as create an informative and emotional connection to the Kabrita message of a more informed product that is easier for babies to digest.

The goat and cow comedy ensemble’s hand-crafted aesthetic and the stop motion animation keeps the characters approachable and helps soften the script’s pointed contrast between the two products.

The comic duo of Grace and Carl are intended to be as entertaining as they are informative with each of the pieces created to feel like we’re watching short clips from their hit show. Filmed in a modern candid format with the two friends mixing scripted and improvised material, the contrast between refined goat and frumpy cow are the basis of their comedy. Everything about these characters is tailored to tell us who they are and what they represent.

The star of the show and ambassador for Kabrita, Grace is our window into these stories. She’s surrounded by goofballs like her buddy Carl and it’s Grace’s knowing glances to the camera that help us understand what she is dealing with. She’s a smart empath and approachable nurturer who’s naturally put together and clearly a born shepherd. In contrast, Carl’s misguided confidence, short attention span positions him clearly in relation to grace, however like a good comedic foil, he’s also lovably dumb and not easily offended.

From the materials utilized in the characters and set, to the performance style of the actors, the animation, like the brand itself, is a sophisticated blend of smart natural simplicity and highly-informed intention. The bright clean scenes with soft and tactile characters keep the vibe aspirational and positive lending a softness to the humorous delivery of the message, but sophisticated enough to elevate and relate to smart, informed parents.