Combining video game and insurance ad tropes to position Snickers as the ultimate source of gameplay energy, we mixed the drama and magic inherent to gaming worlds and juxtaposed them to relatable human moments of failure. Delivering comically ridiculous scenarios that, luckily for our game-world characters, include Snickers insurance to help save the day. Or at least give them another day to give it a try all over again.

To maintain authentic gamer scenarios, we made sure to be true to the modern game aesthetics and technology to ensure these feel real to our savvy audience. Leaning heavily into the audio-visual styles of the games we are lampooning, we utilized the motion of a user-controlled cameras, insurance inspired music jingles and illustration or animation styles that support each world. Equally as critical, the design of both characters and the world’s themselves took on the challenge of balancing the aesthetic direction to feel familiar yet ownable to the campaign.

Cueing tropes familiar to every gamer, we heightened the comedy of the all-too-familiar epic game fails. By pulling recognizable cues from both video games and insurance ads, we loaded each scene with the power of both worlds to make each scenario even funnier—there’s nothing worse than being seconds away from completing the level, only to accidentally run off of a cliff edge and have to start over.

In the end, Snickers becomes the ultimate rare item in both the gaming and real worlds.